16 Jul 2024


AVERATEC Sound Card Drivers Download

AVERATEC Sound Card Drivers - 19 drivers found
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DriverFile Name / More InfoOperating System
  2300 driver2300.zip [more]     Windows XP
  AV2150-EH1, AV2155-EH1 driver2100_XP_Audio_A3_67.exe [more]     Windows 95
  AV1020-ED1, AV1050-EB1, AV1050-EU1 driver1000_XP_Audio_5_10_0_5820.exe [more]     Windows 95
  SL3150H-01, SL3150HD-01, SL3150HS-01, SL3150HW-01, SL3150P-01 driver3150_XP_Audio_6.14.1.3900.exe [more]     Unknown
  AV3270-EE1, AV3270-EH1 driver3270_XP_AUDIO_6.14.1.4070.exe [more]     Unknown
  AV3220H1-01, AV3225HS-20, AV3250H1-01, AV3250HS-20, AV3250HX-01, AV3250PX-01, AV3255P1-01 driver3200_XP_Audio_6. [more]     Unknown
  AV4155-AH1, AV4155-EH1 driver4100_XP_Audio_3_71.exe [more]     Windows 95
  SL5110H-01, SL5110HS-01 driver5100_XP_Audio_5.10.00.5170.exe [more]     Windows 95
  SL5110HX-01, SL5110P-01 driver5100_XP_Audio_5.10.00.5170.exe [more]     Windows 95
  AV4215-EH1, AV4260-EH1, AV4265-EH1, AV4270-EH1 driver4200_XP_Audio_5.10.0.5790.exe [more]     Unknown
  AV3320-EH1, AV3360-EG1, AV3360-EH1 driver3300_XP_Audio_5_10_0_5420.exe [more]     Unknown
  AV5428HX-01 driver5400_XP_Audio_5.10.00.5490.exe [more]      
  AV5500-EA1 driver5500_XP_Audio_6.14.1.4060.exe [more]      
  AV3715-EH1 driver3700_XP_AUDIO_6_14_01_4090.exe [more]      
  AV3500T60-01, AV3500T80-01 driverc3500_XP_Audio_5.10.0.5580.exe [more]     Unknown
  AV6128H1-01, AV6130H1-10, AV6130HS-20 driver6100_XP_Audio_5.10.0.5370.exe [more]     Unknown
  AV6235-EE1, AV6240-EH1 driver6240_XP_Audio_5.10.0.5650.exe [more]     Unknown
  AV6200H60-01 driver6200_XP_Audio_5.10.0.5560.exe [more]      
  AV6210X60-01 driver6200_XP_Audio_5.10.0.5560.exe [more]      

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