27 May 2018


ASUS non-Windows Sound Card Drivers Download

ASUS Sound Card Drivers - 47 drivers found - filter[non-Windows]
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DriverFile Name / More InfoOperating System
  X54L driverAudio_Realtek_ALC269...410.zip [more]     Not Applicable
  TS700-E6/RS8 driverMIO_AUDI_888_win_231.zip [more]     Other
  Z8NA-D6C driverMIO_AUDI_888_win_231.zip [more]     Other
  P7F-X SATA driverMIO_AUDIO_888_Win_231.zip [more]     Other
  P4R800-VM driversmaxlinux.zip [more]     Linux
  P5VDC-X driverLinuxAUDIO.zip [more]     Linux
  M2N-VM SE driverAudio_Linux.zip [more]     Linux
  Crosshair driverAD1988B_2003_510014530.zip [more]     Other
  M2N4-SLI driverAudio_A356_linux.zip [more]     Linux
  M2A-MX driverAlsa_Audio_Linux.rar [more]     Linux
  M2N8-VMX driverREALTEK.zip [more]     Linux
  AS-D777 driverAudio_R32_linux.rar [more]     Linux
  P5B-MX/WIFI-AP driverAudio_Linux_V1012.zip [more]     Linux
  P5K-V driverAudio_L.rar [more]     Linux
  K8V-VM driverlinux_Audio.zip [more]     Linux
  K8V-VM Ultra driverlinux_Audio.zip [more]     Linux
  P1-P5945GC driveralsa_audio.zip [more]     Linux
  P5A-VM driversolo_w31.zip [more]      
  P5A-B drivercmiwin16.zip [more]      
  A7V-M, A7V133, A7V400-MX SE driverac9712a_os2.zip [more]      
  A8N-E, A8N-SLI, A8N-SLI Deluxe, A8N-SLI Premium, A8N-SLI SE, A8N-VM, A8N-VM CSM, A8N32-SLI Deluxe, A8N5X, A8R-MVP, A8R32-MVP Deluxe, A8S-X, A8V, A8V-E Deluxe, A8V-E SE, A8V-MX, A8V-VM, A8V-XE driverALC850_Linux.zip [more]     Linux
  A8V Deluxe driverALC850_Linux.zip [more]     Linux
  P5WD2 Premium, P5WD2-E Premium driverReltek_linux34.zip [more]     Linux
  P5LD2, P5LD2 Deluxe, P5LD2 SE, P5LD2-V, P5LD2-VM, P5N32-SLI Deluxe, P5ND2-SLI, P5ND2-SLI Deluxe, P5P800, P5P800 SE, P5P800-MX, P5P800S, P5PL2, P5RD1-V, P5RD1-V Deluxe, P5RD1-VM, P5RD2-VM, P5S800-VM, P5SD2-X, P5V800-MX, P5VD1-X, P5VDC-MX, P5WD2, P5WDG2-WS driverReltek_linux34.zip [more]     Linux
  P5P800 SE driverAudio_LinuxDriver.zip [more]     Linux
  P5GL-MX driverlinux_AUDIO.zip [more]     Linux
  K8N, K8N-E, K8N-E Deluxe, K8N-VM, K8N4-E, K8N4-E DELUXE, K8N4-E SE, K8S-MX, K8U-X, K8V, K8V Deluxe, K8V SE Deluxe, K8V-MX, K8V-X, K8V-X SE driverRealtek_AC97_A2-7_Linux.zip [more]     Linux
  K8V-MX driverlinux_audio.zip [more]     Linux
  P4U800-X, P4V533-MX, P4V800-X, P4V800D-X, P4V8X-MX, P4V8X-X, P4VP-MX, P4XP-X driverLinux_Audio.zip [more]     Linux
  P4S533, P4S533-E, P4S533-MX, P4S533-VM, P4S533-X drivercm275a_dos.zip [more]      
  P4C800, P4C800 Deluxe, P4C800-E Deluxe, P4P800, P4P800 Deluxe, P4P800 SE, P4P800-E Deluxe, P4P800-MX driver1985Linux.zip [more]     Linux
  P4B-E, P4B-FX, P4BGL-MX, P4BGL-MX/533, P4BGL-VM, P4BGV-MX driveralc101_os2.zip [more]      
  M8 driverm8audw9x.exe [more]      
  CUV4X-ME driverac9714a_lx.zip [more]     Linux
  CUSI-M drivercm275a_lx.zip [more]     Linux
  DiGiMatrix driver1980-Linux.zip [more]     Linux
  AP1720-E1 driverad1985_part1.zip [more]      
  AP1720-E1 driverad1985_part5.zip [more]      
  AP1720-E1 driverad1985_part3.zip [more]      
  AP1720-E1 driverad1985_part2.zip [more]      
  AP1720-E1 driverad1985_part4.zip [more]      
  P4P800S-X driverAD1888_2003.zip [more]     Other
  PUNDIT driverlinux.zip [more]     Linux
  P4P800S-X driverLinux.zip [more]     Linux
  P4P800-X driverAD1888_Win2003.zip [more]     Other
  P4P800-X driverAD1888_Linux.zip [more]     Linux
  P4PE2-X driverLinux_091.zip [more]     Linux

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